Freeload: Little Boots Mix

June 18, 2008

When we originally posted Little Boots' incredible "Stuck On Repeat", we also asked you to check out the demo for one of her other songs "Magical". Still do that, but also download this mix crafted by Victoria herself, where "Magical" chops the legs off of Hot Chip's "My Piano", spins around and reconnects with Charlie's "Spacer Woman". Look, we have made a metaphor appear out of thin air (a bad one). In fact the whole mix has a rather wizardy vibe with Goldfrapp, Sally Shapiro, Celebration, Cosmo Vitelli and Lindstrom all "waving their wands" at each other.

Download the Little Boots mix here and check the playlist after the jump.

Goldfrapp - Happiness (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve remix)

Sally Shapiro - Time To Let Go (Lindstrom remix)

Hot Chip - My Piano

Little Boots - Magical (demo version)

Charlie - Spacer Woman

Celebration - Hands Off My Gold (SMD remix)

Los Angeles TF - Magical Body

Primary 1 - Hold Me Down (The Shoes remix)

SMD - Hotdog (Cosmo Vitelli remix)

Little Boots - Stuck On Repeat (Fake Blood remix)

Freeload: Little Boots Mix