Freeload: BLK JKS, “Summertime” (Carlos Ramos Remix)

July 03, 2008

It seems like a million months ago that we were seeing BLK JKS on like every corner of every city in the United States, but really it was just a couple and it felt like a lot more time because we got so used to seeing them perform everywhere we turned. Since we still break out their 10" on the regular, we were amped to see that they had a new EP for download, and even more amped to stream "Summertime," and then download this Carlos Ramos remix, which reduces the song to a single rubbery stand up bass line and minimal drum tick. We talk a lot about how New York summers on this site, but this song is the essence of them—the good and the impossibly humid bad—captured in about four minutes. Also, check out a live rendition of "Summertime" from one of BLK JKS' last US shows at Harriet's Alter Ego up above.

Download: BLK JKS, "Summertime" (Carlos Ramos Remix) (via RCRD LBL)

Download: BLK JKS Carlos Ramos Megamix

Posted: July 03, 2008
Freeload: BLK JKS, “Summertime” (Carlos Ramos Remix)