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Freeload: Friendly Fires, “Jump In The Pool”

July 24, 2008

FADER HQ has been en fuego with Friendly Fires paraphernalia for at least eight and a half days. Said paraphernalia includes: foppish hair, shoegazy guitars where it counts, dance rhythms, and hooks on the chorus that have made us IM everyone from extended family members to our seventh grade exes about how awesome we feel, so FACE. It's like huffing whippets without the brain damage or genetically mutated future babies and WITH all the mind-pancaking euphoria, CAN U DIG it! This track is a firetruck entourage of cowbell and disco-whistles, while vocalist Ed MacFarlane encourages someone to "jump in the pool," which is probably a metaphor about falling in love. There are 61 more days left in summer, so you better act now. Also, they're on tour in the US.

Download: Friendly Fires, "Jump In The Pool"

Posted: July 24, 2008
Freeload: Friendly Fires, “Jump In The Pool”