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Freeload: Natasha f. Rick Ross, “Activate”

July 28, 2008

Natasha came out with "So Sick" f. Clipse forever ago, back when we thought Jive was gonna drop Lil Mama's album a full year before they actually did, and people used to buy music on tiny archaic devices called compact discs, and everyone thought the housing market was a GREAT INVESTMENT. Haha! Now we all know that we are in a depression and that Ricky Ricardo Ross may or may not have been a prison guard and that Lil Mama's album should have dropped when people still cared about "Lip Gloss." But the time is fully right for this airy palm-tree track wherein Natasha raps briefly and successfully, and the parity of her bubblegum sweet vox and Ross' sensual smoker's chortle sway to the rhythm as gracefully as a pas de deux. It's on repeat. We are hindsight-wizened.

Download: Natasha f. Rick Ross, "Activate"

Posted: July 28, 2008
Freeload: Natasha f. Rick Ross, “Activate”