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Freeload: Crystal Stilts, “Crystal Stilts”

August 05, 2008

A couple months of steaming sidewalks and thick, clothes-sticking humidity can slow our musical metabolism down to a more lethargic, hazy level. The beginning of the summer is all rah-rah, but towards the end sometimes we want to be lulled through the dog days. Luckily for everyone these types of climates have been fruitful for the development of druggy, sort of spooky garage rock saturated with reverb and tambourines and airy organs and mumbled, chanted vocals. That's why we're feeling Crystal Stilts right now. The song is probably about stuff like dreams and distorting time and strange memories and being scared but we're not sure because our minds are so fried from laying around in the sun on the pavement and listening to the rolling guitars and haunted vocals of "Crystal Stilts" (taking a self-titled song cue from bands like Black Sabbath, Motörhead and Iron Maiden) so many times in a row.

Download: Crystal Stilts, "Crystal Stilts"

Posted: August 05, 2008
Freeload: Crystal Stilts, “Crystal Stilts”