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Exclusive Freeload: Busy Signal, “Tic Toc”

August 08, 2008

Photo from FADER 56 by Andrew Dosunmu.

We just heard The Game anoint himself "the Black Liberace," and our heads are still a little jacked from all the Red Bull we drank last night at the accidental Knux concert. So the fact that this Busy Signal single floated majestically into our inbox is a welcome thing we can understand in a world that is presently confusing the hell out of us. The Kingston dancehall don is, incidentally, one of the vaunted cover stars of FADER 56*, coming very very soon to a newsstand or PDF near you! And this is one of our favorite tracks on his forthcoming album, Loaded — an eerie erhu-like midnight anthem that just made our officemate shiver and go, "That's baaaaaaaaad." You do not know the definition of COLD until you hear Busy's haunting croon.

*The Tough Alliance is on the other cover, FYI.

Download: Busy Signal, "Tic Toc"

Posted: August 08, 2008
Exclusive Freeload: Busy Signal, “Tic Toc”