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Video: Friendly Fires, “Jump In The Pool”

August 15, 2008

We saw on another site somewhere — either the BBC or our little sister's Twitter — that Friendly Fires have the top album of the week. Congratulations! We like them too, and we like director Price James, who's somehow managed to make the ol' underwater gimmick feel fresh and new. He also looks like every dude in Brooklyn. Quite the talent. Friendly Fires played St Tropez last night, so you know, great for them. The rest of you poor Brits can catch their tans all over the UK this month, and the rest of the world can get an mp3 of "Bring Out Your Dead" by signing up at their website.

Freeload: Friendly Fires, "Jump In The Pool"
FADER TV: Friendly Fires LIVE in New York City

Posted: August 15, 2008
Video: Friendly Fires, “Jump In The Pool”