Exclusive Freeload: Nacho Lovers’ Acid House Mix

August 18, 2008

We listened to this remix by Toronto barnburners Nacho Lovers so hard our leg started bleeding. Seriously. We would take a photo of it for proof but Pete might get grossed out, he gets faint at the sight of blood, and if he faints we will end up doing all the blogging all day and shirking our other duties such as "drinking promo Bustelo cafe con leches" and "editing the magazine text before it goes to the printer." Speaking of the magazine: Nacho Lovers made this stupendous mix exclusively for the FADER, correspondent to the Vinyl Archaeology (topic: acid house) they penned for FADER 57. (Busy Signal/Tough Alliance covers, on stands NOW!) Serendipitously, the mix includes a lovely, sinewy track from Larry Heard, who's also featured in FADER 57 as a Gen F. Delightful! Download now but try not to lose any bodily fluids while doing so… it's unseemly. Tracklist below el jumpo!

Exclusive Freeload: Nacho Lovers' FADER 57 Acid House Mix

1. Phuture, "Acid Tracks"

2. Darkman, "Annihilating Rhythm (The Destruction Mix)"

3. Fast Eddie, "Acid Thunder (Seewhale Edit)"

4. Monty Luke & Tasho, "Paranoid"

5. Winx, "Don't Laugh (Live Raw Mix)"

6. Steve Poindexter, "Born To Freak"

7. Da Posse f. Christina Jordan, "In The Heat Of The Night (Acid Mix)"

8. Larry Heard Presents Mr. White, "The Sun Can't Compare"

Posted: August 18, 2008
Exclusive Freeload: Nacho Lovers’ Acid House Mix