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Premiere: Nacho Lovers, “Deeper (CFCF Remix)” MP3

Photographer May Truong
May 25, 2010

For those unfamiliar, Nacho Lovers are not shy with a house anthem. In fact, previous singles made us want to visit the magical land known as Ibiza and become year-round shirtless bartenders, until we realized that this would actually involve serving alcohol to people who absolutely do not need alcohol. Nacho Lovers' new single, "Deeper" (hear it here) is no less inspiring, but it's on the mellower side—more like downtown summer night than Mediterranean island bacchanal. FADER favorite CFCF drops mellow into near narcotic with his swirling and submerged remix that peaks with some flashing piano. Download the remix below, listen to the "Deeper" promo mix and buy the "Deeper" single on Fool's Gold now.

Deeper Promo Mix - May 2010 by Nacho Lovers

Download: Nacho Lovers, "Deeper (CFCF Remix)"

Premiere: Nacho Lovers, “Deeper (CFCF Remix)” MP3