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Audio: TV On The Radio, “Golden Age”

August 19, 2008

For anyone who thought TV On The Radio was going to stay the course on their third proper album, crank out some soaring offbeat space jams and ride the money train to the penthouse of the grandest loft in Brooklyn, you got another thing coming. Dear Science, is a definite change in direction (we'll have more on that later) as evidenced by this new song streaming now on their website. "Golden Age" is clean, brassy, symphonic and, in a world that does not exist, radio-friendly. It is also, as they say, "funky." We're actually more excited to hear these new songs live than on radio, though, and we will all have our chance when TVOTR hit the road covering all of these United States and a few select Euro spots in September and beyond.

Stream: TV On The Radio, "Golden Age"

Posted: August 19, 2008
Audio: TV On The Radio, “Golden Age”