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Audio: TV On The Radio, “Dancing Choose”

August 28, 2008

"Dancing Choose" acts as a bridge between the TV on the Radio that we know from the Young Liars EP and the TVOTR of now, melding the constant low-end buzz of older songs like "Staring at the Sun" with the sleazily triumphant horns that occasionally popped up on Return to Cookie Mountain. The weird thing about "Dancing Choose," though, is that if we hadn't heard the entirety of Dear Science, already, we would peg it as their one-hit wonder. And then, two years from now, we would get super bummed out when Hal Sparks says on I Love 2008, "Oh yeah, that's that one song where they sang fast. That was so catchy! What happened to that band?" Luckily, we did hear the whole album, and Future Hal Sparks, you suck.

Stream: TV on the Radio, "Dancing Choose"

Posted: August 28, 2008
Audio: TV On The Radio, “Dancing Choose”