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Freeload: Fat Bastard, “I’m The Man Out In Dallas”

September 15, 2008

For FADER Number 56's Dallas rap story, we got to hang out with D-town kingpin and D.S.R. representative Fat Bastard, who revealed somewhat surprisingly, that his favorite rapper was The Notorious B.I.G. New York hasn't seen a rap heavyweight in forever, while Texas has been rife with Big and Fat superstars for about as long as we can remember. In the same conversation, he also went on to explain the Texas infatuation with all things super-sized, saying simply "Food, cars, niggas...we just like everything big." Understandably, Fat B is currently "the man out in Dallas."

Download: Fat Bastard, "I'm the Man Out in Dallas"

Posted: September 15, 2008
Freeload: Fat Bastard, “I’m The Man Out In Dallas”