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Trai’D f. HP Miss & Fat B, “I’m Loaded” MP3/Young Thunda Cat Mixtape

November 24, 2009

Trai'D isn't even old enough to have graduated college, but he talks about what he knows—getting fired up and hitting the club—and he knows it well. That's kind of what everyone raps about, but they don't sound like they're chewing holes through your earlobes when they do it. And Fat B's cheeks-full-of-cotton-balls D-Town drawl has yet to wear on us. In fact, by now we'd have expected both of these guys to have at least released some mixtapes to counter the stanky legged side of Dallas hogging up the city's shine. But just when we were starting to lose hope, along comes Trai'D with his Young Thunda Cat mixtape. Now tapes like these are a gift and a curse these days because while Young Thunda Cat is pretty much the album we've been waiting on since his Gen F in F58, who knows if his label is even paying close enough attention to kick themselves in the ass for sitting on it for so long. On the other hand, we probably shouldn't be looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Download: Trai'D f. HP Miss & Fat B, "I'm Loaded"

Download: Trai'D, Young Thunda Cat Mixtape

Trai’D f. HP Miss & Fat B, “I’m Loaded” MP3/Young Thunda Cat Mixtape