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Freeload: Stat Quo, “Let The Beat Build” Freestyle

September 25, 2008

Pretty much all Stat Quo has ever done is let the beat build on every song he's ever rapped on. His rap style is always deceptive, sounding like he could be freestyling all his verses, getting more and more excited the longer he rapped, until the actual song ends and you can't remember anything he said in the past couple minutes. Last we heard, his album was scheduled to drop around this time last year, and in anticipation he even dropped his Now Or Never mixtape. We're shaking Magic Eightballs and lighting incense around the office Dre shrine (now including two pictures of Bishop Lamont) in hopes that it's not never.

Download: Stat Quo, "Let the Beat Build" Freestyle

Posted: September 25, 2008
Freeload: Stat Quo, “Let The Beat Build” Freestyle