Freeload: Q-Tip f. D’Angelo, “I Believe”

September 29, 2008

We're not sure we believe this the best these two could do, but as it goes with D'Angelo these days, it's good enough to know he hasn't devolved into a burger inhaling hermit who sings about bridges that dare not be crossed. "I Believe" is yet another song from Q-Tip's Renaissance that Q-Tip did not play for us when he played what he claimed was Renaissance several months ago, though he did allude to doing something with his fellow Soulquarian.

And speaking of Soulquarians—sorry to digress Q and D—can someone put out Bilal's Love for Sale? We were listening to it recently while decanting some essential oils, and that shit is still straight fire.

Download: Q-Tip f. D'Angelo, "I Believe"

Posted: September 29, 2008
Freeload: Q-Tip f. D’Angelo, “I Believe”