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Freeload: Jay-Z, “Lick a Shot for Obama”

October 07, 2008

Disclaimer. This is not a song. It is a spoken word interlude over a beat from Russell Simmons and DJ Green Lantern's "Yes We Can" mixtape. It is your mans Hov talking about why he never voted before, because he felt mega disenfranchised, but now he is going to vote in this election for Obama because he feels like he can believe in him. Nas has said so too, same with Jeezy on the A/W '08 banger "My President is Black." Ludacris too. Def Jam is pulling for change, it seems. This interlude is an excellent intro to our reminder that tonight is the second installment in the Obama-McCain debate match-up, held tonight in Nashville, Tennessee, in a town hall format. It will be broadcast live at 9 pm on your television. They will be discussing the economy. Jay-Z pays for things in Euros, which would have been a terrific idea if the EU weren't also freaking out because of the mortgage collapse. Wooooooooo!

Download: Jay-Z, "Lick a Shot for Obama"

Posted: October 07, 2008
Freeload: Jay-Z, “Lick a Shot for Obama”