Exclusive Freeload: Friendly Fires, “Paris (Justus Kohncke remix)”

October 15, 2008

Our well-advertised love for the music of Brit trio Friendly Fires comes from many places—how their gleaming pop collapses into gelatin distortion freakouts, for instance, their affinity for house music, and endless hooks that we now know by heart. We also like them because they are so savvy. Why wouldn't they get a German techno producer to remix a dreamy song about moving to Paris? It's the minimal techno version of Euraling into your future. It is subtle, slightly ambient, and over ten minutes long. We played it in its entirety on the radio last Friday, violating every on-air DJ rule about time cutoffs, but then again we also karaoke over songs and curse and let dead air play out for a little bit, so does it look like we give a f about rules? We don't need rules! We just need more remixes of "Paris."

Download: Friendly Fires, "Paris (Justus Kohncke Remix)"

P.S. Friendly Fires is touring AND playing CMJ NYC, including the FADER Fort! Check it:

10/20 Music Hall (10 pm)

10/22 Annex (10:15 pm)

10/23 Pianos (3 pm)

10/23 FADER FORT!!! (6:45 pm)

Exclusive Freeload: Friendly Fires, “Paris (Justus Kohncke remix)”