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Freeload: Max B, Bloomberg Series mixtape

November 26, 2008

Max B and Jim Jones hate each other. We think about this and we get kind of sad considering they helped to score our summer of 2006 together. Not surprisingly, they continue making some of the best music of their respective careers, it's just that now some of it addresses each other (and not in that Damn, I miss my dawgs kind of way). Maybe it's the spirit of the holiday season creeping in early (Jim just dropped his Tribute to Bad Santa mixtape), but Max brings us his best "best-of" yet in Bloomberg Series which also promises "NO BEEFIN" on its cover. The entire tape is actually one extended track, but it shouldn't be a problem if you've been riding the wave like we have. (Courtesy, of course, of

Download: Max B, Bloomberg Series mixtape

Posted: November 26, 2008
Freeload: Max B, Bloomberg Series mixtape