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Freeload: Ducktails, “Beach Point Pleasant”

December 09, 2008

There are certain things artists can do to make us at least consider listening to their music. Usually we're sold if they provide a soothing break in the day through some combination of references including: the beach, the sun, outer space, and/or relaxing in a soft chair. Ridgewood, New Jersey's Matthew Mondanile aka Ducktails uses his roots in drone and other weirdo jams as a launching point for his spiraling guitar and ambient keyboard epics about relaxing and vacations. If it were the '80s, Mondanile would be a surf rat who looked like beef jerky, but the musical climate has changed since then. He's actually a 23-year-old who makes music that MySpace categorizes as "Tropical/Psychedelic," which is about as perfect of a description of what he does as any. Download "Beach Point Pleasant" below and check out Mondanile playing as Ducktails on December 10th at Matchless bar in Brooklyn, with a whole bunch of dates around New York and Jersey to follow.

Download: Ducktails, "Beach Point Pleasant"

Posted: December 09, 2008
Freeload: Ducktails, “Beach Point Pleasant”