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Freeload: We Make It Good Mix by Blaqstarr

December 09, 2008

Not that they ever really went away, but from where we're sitting it looks like Nirvana might be making a comeback into the realm of Music People Listen to Regularly again. After appearing on Gaslamp Killer's installment of the We Make it Good mix series, they appear twice on Blaqstarr's edition. Also included is the ever-reliable Prince, as well as multiple appearances from Outkast. But you can look at the tracklist and see all that for yourself.

Most notable is "War of Roses," the first track, which may be a preview of a future rock project between Blaqstarr and some dude named Jack Denning. The duo calls itself BlaQjack — to be confused with F52 cover stars and recent Secretly Canadian signees BLK JKS — and meld garage rock with club music. Who knows if BlaQjack is ever going to release more music, but just in case, we're gearing up for the next round of Blaqstarr/Black Star-style semantics debates.

Download: Blaqstarr's We Make It Good Mix

Freeload: We Make It Good Mix by Blaqstarr