Video: A.R.E. Weapons, “F What You Like”

December 09, 2008

In 2007, when A.R.E. Weapons released Modern Mayhem, our first reaction to their new, rock 'n' roll-y sound was to call bullshit. We didn't like it. But suddenly there is a video from that album telling us to go F ourselves, so we decided instead to listen to that album again and guess what? It's a lot better than we remember (though still not anywhere near as good as their first one) and this is probably the best song on it. The lesson here, kids, is that if someone doesn't like you, tell them to go F themselves and then they will like you. We made a little diagram, here:

It also doesn't hurt if you have Chloë Sevigny on your team. (via The FEAR)

**Update** A.R.E. Weapons are playing in Greenpoint with SUICIDE tomorrow night!

Posted: December 09, 2008
Video: A.R.E. Weapons, “F What You Like”