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Freeload: Mike V (Brick Bandits), “Feelings”

December 11, 2008

One thing about Mad Decent, everytime you think they may have reached the end of their reign as club kings, they come up with some new thing that crushes your will to resist. The most recent (mad recent) is this Mike V song they put up yesterday from the new Brick Bandits EP on Old Head Records, Dirty South Joe's Mad Decent subsidiary. The EP collects six tracks from DJs Sega, B-Stee, Tim Dolla, Tameil and Mike V, all from the New Jersey post-B'more crew, all wildly different, and all absolutely, ridiculously good. The mp3 of "Feelings" is only 128kbps, so make sure to go pick up either the high-quality digital copy over at Turntable Lab or the heavyweight vinyl at the Mad Decent store.

**Also, for more Brick Bandits, subscribe to the Mad Decent podcast to hear Dirty South Joe's new mix of Bandits jawns.

Download: Mike V (Brick Bandits), "Feelings"

Freeload: Mike V (Brick Bandits), “Feelings”