Rye Rye’s Ryeot Powrr Mixtape + Party In The USA Video

February 09, 2011

Late last night, the second we saw it was posted, we downloaded Rye Rye's new DJ Sega-produced mixtape and all-caps tweeted her a bunch of times from our personal accounts. From the moment we hit play and mama Rye chipmunk-shouted Ain't nobody fuckin' wit' the south bitch-uh, we were grin-dancing in our beds, making gun fingers at houseplants and inventing new moves for lying down. She's just the happiest, fastest-dancingest rapper, and when we're listening to Rye Rye we want to be happy and dance fast forever. Life-affirming "Party In The USA Remix" video filmed at the Teen Center and full tracklist, after the jump.

Download: Rye Rye's Ryeot Powrr Mixtape

1. Go Pop Bang
2. Bang Dis Bitch Out
3. Hardcore Art School Girl f. Ninjasonik
4. Art School Boys
5. Witchdoctor
6. Back It Up
7. Diga Doom
8. DJ Go f. Say Wut
9. Chase Money
10. Club Can't Handle Me
11. We R Who We R Remix
12. X-Pill Remix
13. Bang Remix
14. Party In The USA Remix
15. Like A G6 Remix
16. Gimme Dat Remix
17. Whip My Hair Remix
18. Bring In The Katts f. Porkchop

Rye Rye’s Ryeot Powrr Mixtape + Party In The USA Video