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Rye Rye’s Ryeot Powrr Mixtape + Party In The USA Video

Late last night, the second we saw it was posted, we downloaded Rye Rye‘s new DJ Sega-produced mixtape and all-caps tweeted her a bunch of times from our personal accounts. From the moment we hit … read more »

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Kanye West, “Runaway (DJ Sega Philly Club Remix)” MP3 and Best of Bmore Club Mix

DJ Sega appeared on the cover of FADER #62, peaking out of the corner from under a really nice Grover fitted and representing the Brick Bandits in our Mad Decent roundup. And while Philly and … read more »

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Premiere: Caspa, “Marmite (DJ Sega’s Philly Club RMX)” MP3

So when DJ Sega played The Let Out, our radio show at East Village Radio on Friday, he dropped his club remix of Beyonce’s “Ego,” a song so intensely bananas that one of us (cough) … read more »

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The Let Out: DJ Sega

DJ Sega, Mad Decent Records prodigy and purveyor of the Philly club sound, is a beast. Whether producing or DJing, he can mix any weird track on earth into a jam that annihilates the dancefloor … read more »

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Premiere: Sissy Nobby, “Lay Me Down (DJ Sega RMX)” MP3

Finally, two ultra regional genres come together as one. Sissy Nobby, the diva don diva of New Orleans bounce music, is hype times a thousand, but with this treatment by Philly club wunderkind DJ Sega … read more »

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Premiere: Toddla T f. Herve & Serocee, “Shake Ya Body Naked, Shake It (DJ Sega Philly Club RMX)” MP3

Toddla T‘s original ragga-inflected, hard UK funky grimepiece would have been easy to flip into a typical Bmore track—speed that shit up, put the appropriate beats on there, sample Serocee going “Gyal shake it shake … read more »

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FEATURE: Major Lazer x Mad Decent Interview

Diplo owns a gun. He says so while peppering a clerk with questions about a very Rambo-esque semi-automatic at a gun store in Philadelphia. His gun, used for hunting with his family, is in Florida, … read more »

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Freeload: The FADER Issue 62 Podcast

We and you and everyone we know has been trumpeting the Summer Of Love 2009, and it was our mantra as we put together FADER Issue 62. We scoured the universe for the summeriest, most … read more »

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Freeload: Fortune “Bully (DJ Sega Remix)” MP3

We don’t know who Fortune is, but we know who Sega is: He’s the guy who makes us want to knock muhfuckers out like we were an aspiring female poet and the muhfuckers were Charles … read more »

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Freeload: Rob Threezy, “The Change Up” MP3

Chi-city trunk thumper RobThreezy (of Ghetto Division/Brick Bandits fame) has tossed his regular jukey/housey/clubby stylee and gone full-frontal rave on this bonkers synth mix for Nightshifters. By full frontal rave, we mean that by the … read more »

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