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Exclusive Freeload: El Guincho, “Kalise” (Tanlines Remix) + DJ Set

January 22, 2009

Not too long ago Tanlines came through the shoebox-sized EVR studio to play a bunch of records followed by an epic, sort of unplanned live set that even had the crowds waiting for tables at Lil Frankie's dancing. Tomorrow night the duo are DJing at the Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art (150 W. 17th St) from 6-10pm, and while they might not draw the random street crowds this time around (probably because they won't be in a room made entirely of glass), there will be food, drink and a chance to tell them to play their remix of El Guincho's "Kalise," which is just about the happiest thing we've heard all week. If that's not enough Tanlines for you, their "New Flowers" 12-inch is now available here and here. Watch the homemade video for the "Kalise" remix up above and download the song below for the next two weeks only.

Download: El Guincho, "Kalise" (Tanlines Remix)

Posted: January 22, 2009
Exclusive Freeload: El Guincho, “Kalise” (Tanlines Remix) + DJ Set