Freeload: Pill f. Killer Mike, “The Work’s Hard”

January 28, 2009

For the past couple years, every time we've seen Killer Mike in concert he's talked about the internet and its collective dismissal of marquee artists' underlings as "weed carriers." The brilliance of that phrase not withstanding, Mike is, and always has been, a serious dude. Killer, even. But shouting "I do not have weed carriers!" alone isn't enough to credit a hypeman. A mouthful of Iceberg Slim-cold trap stories and a strong mixtape, however, just might be the ticket. Pill's
4180 The Prescription mixtape drops this Friday on his myspace
and website.

Download: Pill f. Killer Mike, "The Work's Hard"

Posted: January 28, 2009
Freeload: Pill f. Killer Mike, “The Work’s Hard”