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Freeload: CFCF, “Forbidden Colours” (Sylvian & Sakamoto Cover) + “Crystal Mines” Video

January 30, 2009

We're hesitant to say that music videos made up of edited scenes from random movies are a good look, but CFCF gets a pass for "Crystal Mines" because it's clips from the 1975 French film Shadowman, which is about "a thief whose head is covered by a red mask, and his cat-suited assistant, [as they] try to find the fabled treasure of the ancient Knight Templars from a surviving sect in Paris." We'll pretty much leave it at that. In addition, you can download CFCF's cover of Sylvian & Sakamoto's "Forbidden Colours" below. It kind of sounds like his remix of Cassie and Lil Wayne's "Official Girl," except instead of Wayne's sex raps, we get CFCF singing (!) us softly to sleep.

Download: CFCF, "Forbidden Colours" (Sylvian & Sakamoto Cover)

Posted: January 30, 2009
Freeload: CFCF, “Forbidden Colours” (Sylvian & Sakamoto Cover) + “Crystal Mines” Video