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Freeload/Video: Nite Jewel, “Weak For Me” + “Artificial Intelligence”

February 05, 2009

Look, it's not like we expect indie artists to give us $100,000 video productions, but this Nite Jewel video looks like it was shot for two dollars in an LA porn studio with a dude in cutoffs who looks a whole lot like Danny McBride. If it were 1986, there is a good chance Nite Jewel would be huge stars, and that would be great because when they sing like they're a million miles away from any emotion it stops mattering that the entire music video industry is taking all their cues from Public Access. Watch the weird video for "Artificial Intelligence" up top, download megajam "Weak For Me" below and keep a lookout for Good Evening in March.

Download: Nite Jewel, "Weak For Me"

Posted: February 05, 2009
Freeload/Video: Nite Jewel, “Weak For Me” + “Artificial Intelligence”