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Freeload: Rick Ross, “Cigar Music (I Do It)”

February 13, 2009

Rick Ross and 50 Cent will both release their new albums on March 24th, 2009. At the end of that day, no matter how many times 50 makes admittedly pretty funny jokes at his expense, Rick Ross wins because he makes The Jams. This is third leak off Deeper Than Rap and, just like the other two, we will listen to it a thousand times before we think to put on "Get Up" or "I Get It In." And considering a large part of the population who still buy music will never even hear "Officer Ricky" (though it's been pulled off the internet so maybe they're adding it to the album) maybe it would've been better to bring that old 50 humor and energy to his commercially available music. Then again, "Curtisss!" was pretty much the end anyway.

Download: Rick Ross, "Cigar Music (I Do It)"

Posted: February 13, 2009
Freeload: Rick Ross, “Cigar Music (I Do It)”