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Freeload: Joe Crepusculo, “Gabriela (El Guincho Remix)”

February 17, 2009

Félix of Discoteca Oceano just posted some new Spanish pop by Extraperlo and Joe Crepuscolo on 20JFG, and all is good, but of course the favorite of the bunch is our man El Guincho's dub of Crepusculo's "Gabriela." It's not often we get such simplicity from El Guincho, but it's good to know he can also make good songs out of bare bones. It also gives us a reason to link to this Flickr set of his recent trip to Ghana where he played a couple of shows including one epic beachfront session at which every local MC who'd been given Pablo's cellphone number along the way showed up to jump on the mic. Some great photos on there courtesy of Caius Pawson of Young Turks. The trip was arranged by the Spanish cultural attaché because of the hiplife samples on Alegranza! which is maybe the coolest government action we've heard about since, eh, forever. Pablo told us to stay tuned for further trip-related materials to surface, so we'll encourage you to do the same.

Download: Joe Crepusculo, "Gabriela (El Guincho Remix)"

Posted: February 17, 2009
Freeload: Joe Crepusculo, “Gabriela (El Guincho Remix)”