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July 22, 2008

Each Tuesday, FADER editor Matthew Schnipper highlights an underappreciated recent release he thinks we need to know about. This week it's Hanged Up's Kicker In Tow. Listen to "Kinetic Work" below, buy Kicker In Tow here and read about it after the jump.

My taste kind of sucks I think I just realized. Because what I go back to over and over is boring shit. But good boring shit. The boring shit creme de la creme. (Why do you think I talk about Vampire Weekend all the time?) In the New York Times Gabrielle Hamilton, chef at and owner of Prune talks about eating chicken-juice soaked bread and how that tastes really good and then she says this: "I never want you to have to halt your conversation to puzzle over and admire what I've done with foam or a blowtorch, or how micro microgreens have become. Keep talking. It's only food. It's to be eaten. And it's good."

And it’s like, I am saying! Then there is this dude Matt Levine who is a complete douche and
says about his upcoming bar, Eldridge, after being asked why he is even doing press when they plan to be too exclusive to even let people in: “We’re going to be cool because we’re cool, not because we have a publicist doing press for us.” Sweet. You know why else you’re gonna be cool? Oh wait, you aren’t going to be because you are an epic douche. What is wrong with people?

I keep listening to the new Deerhunter record. That shit is real unpretentious. “Come with me, comfort me,” are my favorite lyrics. It sounds like colors but only pastels. Also I’m eating some chocolate chip cookies today. And I bought an episode of The Closer on iTunes for 1.99. Fuck my life. But you know what? I will tell you what, I never tried to be cool I just put my pants on one leg at a time and didn’t trim my unibrow.

And I guess that’s what’s rad about a record like Kicker in Tow because there is no way that the two people in Hanged Up are like “Yo we need to make a viola/drums band that rules the world.” Because you cannot think you are going to succeed with that shit. And guess what? Who knows who Hanged Up is? Like me and some other losers. Probably mostly guys too because girls are too cool for shit like this. But if I wanna get my elbows dirty or whatever and go deep, what the hell why is this so good and why did no one ever give two shits about Hanged Up? It is two people who have instruments and are like, “ok now we are a band. And also we live in Canada and we’ll put out a record and go on tour because this is what bands do but we won’t force it on people or anything we’re just gonna do stuff and music hey viola sixth grade orchestra practice prog rock or whatever.” Then someone played it for me and then I played it in the office and people were like “hey this is good,” because it is but if it wasn’t good it would be for the same reasons.

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Posted: July 22, 2008
Schnipper’s Slept On