Freeload: Bill Callahan, “Eid Ma Clack Shaw”

March 23, 2009

Late last week Drag City sent us an email with the subject: "Bill Callahan describes the recording process for Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle." We were busy, so we just read it and instead of being a thorough rundown of his tunings and vocal flairs, it's a couple of line drawings of boxes. One of the boxes has a speech bubble and is saying "Cuban?" Good to know he makes music the same way we make FADER. "Eid Ma Clack Shaw," from Callahan's upcoming Eagle does not reflect that same level of charming gibberish and is actually a coherent song—though there is a little lyrical gobbledygook. Now based in Austin, TX, Callahan's got a little lonestar swoon and twang. He's probably got a lot of hallucinations from barbecue and beer, too. Nothing wrong with that.

Download: Bill Callahan, "Eid Ma Clack Shaw"

Posted: March 23, 2009
Freeload: Bill Callahan, “Eid Ma Clack Shaw”