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Video: UGK, “Da Game Been Good to Me”

March 31, 2009

Limp Club Med Akon single aside, UGK's final studio album UGK 4 Life is remarkably solid. From nearly anyone else, something as plodding and introspective as "Da Game Been Good to Me" would be an interesting choice for a new single, but it's also the kind of song that UGK excels at making, and it comes at the tail end of an album full of those moments: from the Society of Soul remake "Swishas and Erb" to "Used to Be," the rap veteran meditation on going from nothing to legend to even the interludes. Mainly though, the album is full of moments that ooze love for pretty much all music ever. Not any specific genre, but a love of crafting an album, fitting tracks together and creating something cohesive that demands more than a brief skim through or casual listen. Ideally we'd be able to spend months with this album in the cars we don't own, but even without all that we recommend spending actual dollars on this one. UGK 4 Life is out today.

Posted: March 31, 2009
Video: UGK, “Da Game Been Good to Me”