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Audio/Freeload: Kurt Vile, “Breathin Out” + “Deep Sea”

April 06, 2009

Kurt Vile's music exists in a hazy half-finished world, his songs all begin like sketches, blueprints for something huger and more robust, and then by the end you realize that the sketch is the song: the echoed vocals, cheap drum machine, guitar clouded in bong haze. If you want to get down to genre hyphenates, then Kurt Vile makes shoegaze-folk—loud enough to make eardrums ring but intimate enough to sound like he's jamming in your living room. Both "Breathin Out" and "Deep Sea" are from Constant Hitmaker (LP out on Woodsist April 14th).

Stream: Kurt Vile, "Breathin Out"

Download: Kurt Vile, "Deep Sea"

Posted: April 06, 2009
Audio/Freeload: Kurt Vile, “Breathin Out” + “Deep Sea”