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Dollars to Pounds: Marina & The Diamonds

May 26, 2009

Last week we waxed lyrical about Marina & the Diamonds’ super dramatic "Seventeen" from her new Crown Jewels EP. On that EP you will also find a song called "I Am Not A Robot," a soaring ode to being unreliable and a bit shit (I can relate). Here is an exclusive remix by The Shoes who replace the original’s subtle mechanics with LES GRANDE BANGER SYNTHZ. I chatted with Marina about fighting, douchebags and the Catch 22 dilemma. She is totally charming.

Download: Marina & The Diamonds, "I Am Not a Robot" (The Shoes Remix)

Have you ever been in a fist fight?

I started it, I ended it. I kind of picked on a tall, skinny dude though so I feel more bully than fist-fighting hero.

There’s a lot of fairytale imagery in your songs. Who is the best fairytale character? (I like Alice from Alice in Wonderland, she’s a bitch and will drink absolutely anything. She would be fun at

Hahaha. I like Rumplestiltskin actually. And Snow White. I also like watching a lot of old shit '70s cartoons on YouTube at the moment. Makes me feel all wrapped up in cotton wool and like life isn't real and I can stay inside my flat forever if needs be.

How do you feel about being lumped in with La Roux and Florence and Little Boots? It seems "new Brit girl singers" are always spoken about together…

Don't really care anymore. I like how people describe me as "synth player." Quite literally do not know what one is. I thought a bass was a synth the other day. I don’t blame people for lumping girls together. I mean there are so few female musicians who actually get airplay that when more than two come along the world goes bat shit crazy.

There is a lot of defiance on your new EP. Have you dated douchebags in the past?

No. I think I am just hypercritical about everything and everyone, including myself. Therefore I pick up on a lot of tiny things in relationships as I am a bit oversensitive. I am probably the douchebag, if anything!

Your lyrics are incredibly intimate. Do you ever think, This argument sucks but that crack I just made will sound great on a middle eight?

No. Haha. The last time/first time I was properly heartbroken, I thought I was actually dying.

Let’s talk about your current boyfriend. He must behave himself lest you pen vicious lyrics about him.

How do you know I have a boyfriend? He is a cartoon character by the way and he behaves himself VERY. WELL.

What is your favourite thing about live shows? Is there a moment you look forward to?

I look forward to the energetic songs where I can chuck my body around the stage. Performing is almost my favourite thing to do in the world and I’m happiest when on stage. I could live there. Unless the audience hated me. Then I'd be all like "you can get out of my house now, bitch."

You're always immaculately turned out. What's your favourite outfit at the moment? I am currently on a nautical nerd tip, like "Screech at the Riviera."

I am really not immaculately turned out! I like jazzy clothes but I really don’t spend much time. I look at people in the public eye and think, I cannot be arsed to spend 1.5 hours minimum getting ready. What a waste of a life! Would prefer to be planting tomato seeds in a garden in Wales.

I've just read a lot of stuff about you and the word eccentric comes up all the time. Why do you think that is? Is it annoying?

Probably because I say exactly what's on my mind and am a very open/honest person about what I like/don’t like and about my strengths/weaknesses. If everyone said exactly what they thought, maybe we would all be
"eccentric" or "crazy." I don’t find it that annoying. I have a dark sense of humour too so maybe that spices things up. Who knows?! This is weird question. Crazy people do not believe they're crazy so don't know why people ask this all the time... Surely if I deny it, that means I am crazy. And if I don’t, I instantly become one of those "I'm kerrrrazzzzy, me!" characters. I’m doomed.

"You're only as sick as your secrets." Tell me a secret.

I'm petrified of failing.

The Crown Jewels EP is out soon on Neon Gold Records.


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