Freeload: Phoenix, “Lisztomania” MP3 + Make Your Own Remix + Bonus Jams

May 29, 2009

Phoenix released Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix this week and flew a black blimp over Manhattan. Okay they flew it two feet over some interns' heads technically but Kermit scrapes the ground during the Thanksgiving Day parade so let's not get nitpicky. The point is that this album is out and if you do not own it yet, your life is incomplete. Just too many great songs to get into here, though we might at some point. Regardless, Phoenix will be on tour in the US shortly, starting June 12th at Bonnaroo and six days later at Music Hall of Williamsburg, a show we are proudly presenting. And to get everyone in the mood for their pop perfection, the band has released the mp3 for "Lisztomania," along with the multi-tracks for it so you can make your own remix (ours sounds just like "Lisztomania" only with a hushed "we love you" looped really quietly underneath) and a stack of demos and outtakes from the Wolfgang sessions on their website. Do we sound obsessed? GREAT, WE ARE. Above is video from their recent show at La Cigale in Paris.

Download: Phoenix, "Lisztomania" (via Fluxblog)
Download: "Lisztomania" Multi-Tracks

Stream: Demos + Outtakes

Posted: May 29, 2009
Freeload: Phoenix, “Lisztomania” MP3 + Make Your Own Remix + Bonus Jams