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Freeload: Roberto Lange Elastic Island Mix

June 08, 2009

We posted a track from Roberto Lange aka Helado Negro's Asthmatic Kitty debut album and speculated on the Prefuse 73 collaborator's eclectic music taste. Turns out we were right, as evidenced by this whispy mix he cooked up. Lange's thoughts on time, space and music are below and track list is after the jump.

Living in New York, a lot of things stack up -- time, money, responsibilities, and kinda like the elastic in your underwear, you can stretch it out too much if you take on too much weight. So these songs are like the in-and-out of bloated lifestyles or the trim streamlined focused mindsets that hustle and grind hard here. I think the song "We've Had Enough" has the energy and the message of the over all theme. The ever expanding and contracting life of being human and the only thing you can look at is all the stretch marks left after words. Jaytram brought in the song "Life of Illusion" this song speaks to me just seeing everyone here in NY from different countries and different states chasing something. I guess not to get too deep but the life of illusion kinda says it. The last song "It'll never happen again" is like the end of the cycle where we end up after we are standing there trying to figure out how all this stuff happened and looking forward with our head up saying it'll never happen again. This mix is a vehicle of positivity and music with a common theme, kinda like don't despair, today is another day to do something good and something new.

Download: Roberto Lange + Jaytram Elastic Island

intro - message from little richard and peter green

Put it in your Peace Pipe

we've had enough - Arnie Love and the Lovettes (Numero Group)

together brothers theme - isaac hayes

interlude - kids meet caetano

life of illusion - joe walsh

tribal dance - peter green

didn't want to have to do it - rotary connection

geronimoe's cadillac - hoyt axton

seven stars - peter green

couldnt get it right - climax blues band

i love every little thing about you - Syreeta

don pascual - El kinto

it'll never happen again - tim hardin

outro - caetano veloso

Posted: June 08, 2009
Freeload: Roberto Lange Elastic Island Mix