Style: Sydney Shop Stop

June 25, 2009

Since Australian fashion week wrapped up a while ago, Australian fashion and street style has been sticking with us like peanut butter to the roof of a dog's mouth. Maybe it's because they know how to kill it in studded shorts or maybe it's because they party alongside weird marsupials. We're not sure yet, but we decided to have our Australian correspondent, Nat Jones, give us a little in-depth study of Sydney shop life. Read what he has to say about his latest shop stop after the jump.

Capital L, Sydney, Australia

Capital L is more than a shop, it‘s a bit of Sydney institution. From its constantly shifting facade– currently painted by artist XXXilla– to block parties and mixtape competitions, this is a shop with a little something more. Brands include Shakuhachi, Jesse Hill and Please Louise for the ladies, staples like Surface to Air and Horace for the guys and Marsu Homme and Grams for your feet. Subverting the white space aesthetic, once inside the wallpaper and decoration resemble jungle chic gone mad. All the elements for a successful shopping safari.

Posted: June 25, 2009
Style: Sydney Shop Stop