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Cassie f. Akon, “Let’s Get Crazy” MP3

July 16, 2009

Schnipper was playing this from his computer sneakers when Felipe asked if it was the new Britney Spears single. Which is pretty harsh, no offense to Brit or Cass. Download "Crazy Tonight" below and check their iChat rundown of the song from Cassie's upcoming album Electro Love after the jump.

Download: Cassie f. Akon, "Let's Get Crazy"

Schnipper: I don't care what anybody thinks/ let's get crazy tonight. That is the new Cassie lyric, not me propositioning you

Felipe: Why is Cassie still doing stuff?

Schnipper: Because she got a sweet haircut and has to show it off

Felipe: Like, she's fine, I get that. This is bout to be the Jam at Señor Frogs

Schnipper: They went to Señor Frogs on NYC Prep on Bravo

Felipe: I'm sure that's why I mentioned it (Señor Frogs). I saw a little of that shit this weekend (NYC Prep).

Schnipper:Oh shit Akon just came on.

Felipe: He can almost carry this shit by himself. almost. more time on the free weights maybe

Schnipper: I could see her being on that show

Felipe: I could see them not knowing who she is if she performed somewhere they were at

Schnipper: She would be the girl who was quiet but cute in their class that everyone ignored and they would go to some event and they'd be like, Yo isn't that the girl from algebra? Anyway, this song is not good. I liked "Disappointment Girl" or whatever that single was

Felipe:"Commitment Girl?" "OFFICIAL GIRL"

Schnipper: "Official Girl!"

Felipe:How do you make a song about wanting someone to claim you, they help produce it, and then they still don't claim you?

Schnipper: She's a complicated woman. Or at least she is with Ryan Leslie. She just wants to get crazy with Akon.

Felipe: Akon got a little too crazy not too long ago, just got hit with a paternity suit. Read about it now at RIGHT NOW

Schnipper: Akon better watch out. Or something. New haircut = cut you. Anyway, you got any final Cassie thoughts?

Felipe: Stop playing that shit

Cassie f. Akon, “Let’s Get Crazy” MP3