Serani, “When It’s Cold” MP3

August 06, 2009

Though "No Games" is a definite banger, Serani's been riding on it for over a year now, with sparse bits of good new stuff and some "No Games" dance mixes which were decidedly not that popping. But here he jumped on the School Bell riddim (read more about that here in Eddie Stats' Ghetto Palms column and charms/croons his way across another sampling of lady-crack, as he is wont to do. Shout out to our Assistant Style Editor Ms. Erin Hansen, who interviewed Serani for FADER TV back in March, and who is leaving us for the frondy wilds of Kingston as of today. We will miss her so dearly. Serani take care of our girl!

Download: Serani, "When It's Cold"

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Serani, “When It’s Cold” MP3