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Exclusive Stream: Sweat.X, “I’m That Alley”

Photographer Rosa Maria, nikanika.com
August 12, 2009

Sweat.X, South Africa's digitized descendants of Prince (early years), are dropping a new EP on Citinite, whose purveyor Manuel Sepulveda happens to be featured in FADER #63 for his futurefunk sleeve artwork for those guys and others (check the cover for this one after the jump). Like Jem says, synergy! "I'm That Alley," a slinky electro synth track with a dollop of sexy falsetto from superman Spoek Mathambo, drops August 24 and foretells copius dancefloor slow-grinds—not quite "Erotic City" flagrant dry-humping but definitely on point for "Controversy"-style understated freakage. The B-Side, "The Knife," is a twitchy, nasty, twerky rap track with Spoek dropping some of his infamously swaggy self-invented slang, which is to say you'd do well to cop that in anticipation of their next full-length, 187.

Stream: Sweat.X, "I'm That Alley"


Exclusive Stream: Sweat.X, “I’m That Alley”