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Ghetto Palms 66: DJ Sabo / Cumbia Exclusives!

Photographer Gabriele Stabile
August 12, 2009

Will Sabatini is a good dude to know. He is what, in marketing speak, is called an “influencer.” As the guy behind the counter at Turntable Lab in the East Village he has been a vital conduit for the dissemination of sounds like baile funk and cumbia to America, and just in case the DJs and vinyl nerds who shop there don’t know exactly what to do with these incommensurable beats, he has been going all over the damn world giving game to lesser selectors with his own DJ sets under the name Sabo.

I’ve been after him for a minute and a half to do a guest Palmcast and this just happened to be the week that he was finally in-country, settled in a new spot, had his studio set up and most importantly, had a bag of his own cumbia productions to share. The very necessary Shelly Thunder refix “Kuff Kumbia,” “Soundbwoy Cumbia,” “Esa Loca Cumbia” and “Curura,” will all be included on the forthcoming Bersa Discos #6 comp and otherwise are available here and nowhere else. But almost everything else on the blend is of the exclusive and unreleased variety too, plus or minus a few brand new ZZK releases. In fact there seems to be more music than titles on the tracklisting, and at 35 minutes this may be the longest blend ever posted here, so maybe you should get started: (Sabo’s comments in italics).

DJ Sabo Cumbia blend:
01. Oye (Dub)-Greenwood Rhythm Coalition --Monk One's project to be released before September 09
02. Las Mil Caras (Lagartijeando remix)- Fauna --Remix competition winner from ZZK records, released on their blog
03. El Pescador- Uproot Andy
04. Kuff Kumbia - Sabo & Cassady
05. Un Nino que Llora en los montes de Maria (KC remix)-Petrona Martinez --On ZZK sounds vol. 2 just came out last week
06. Curura - Sabo & Cassady
07. Soundbwoy Cumbia- Sabo
08. Trocitas de Madera (KC version)- King Coya
09. Esa Loca Cumbia - Sabo & Cassady
10. Kalise (Frikstailers Remix)- El Guincho --Never released remix as far as i know…
11.Solo - King Coya
12. Cumbia Kamisama - Frikstailers --On ZZK Sounds Vol. 2 just came out last week.
13. Pasconcito (dj N-Ron Rico mix) - Afroditas --Unreleased remix by N-Ron
14. Cumbia - Harry Choo Choo Romero
15. La Tortuga - Michel Cleis --Yet to be released on Cadenza, same guy who did the HUGE hit “La Mezcla” that every DJ is playing right now.

Download: DJ Sabo Cumbia Blend

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Ghetto Palms
Ghetto Palms 66: DJ Sabo / Cumbia Exclusives!