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Borgore, Ice Cream Man Mixtape [Dubstep is Metal]

August 21, 2009

Yesterday, Diplo twittered links to a couple of his new favorite songs: One of them was Soulja Boy covering Drake, the other was some absolute mayhem by Israeli producer Borgore called "Saturday Night (Gorestep)." Go check that out real quick, give it a second to get going. So that song was essentially an instant validation of FADER editor Julianne Shepherd's belief that dubstep was the new metal—made almost solely for dudes to bang heads, let off steam and feel awesome about life. Coincidentally, after some minor research, it turns out Borgore is in fact the drummer for Tel Aviv metal band Shabira, so Shep was on the money. But this stuff is insane. "Saturday Night" is from Borgore's recent Gorestep Vol. 1, which is more of the same, a kind of logical, maniacal extension of the gnarliest dubstep, for instance, Caspa & Rusko's "Power Shower," but also, like, the last song you ever want your mom to hear. Where "Power Shower," and others like it, drill holes through your brain with augural bass and suggest some subtle misogyny, Borgore just smashes your head up with sickening syncopated high-speed bass and drum patterns, spits pornish lyrics and samples things we cannot speak about in public. We don't know how anyone would dance to this, but it would probably involve punching someone or one's self in the face a lot and a willingness to not be around any girls for several hours. We'll have to find out when Borgore tours the States in September and October. In the meantime, check out his Ice Cream Man mixtape below, which features many of Gorestep's tracks, nods at Prodigy and Wiley, a Britney Spears remix and bunch of other crazy shit.

Download: Borgore, Ice Cream Man Mixtape

Borgore - Sunday Morning
Borgore - One Step Ahead
Downlink & Datsik - Against the Machines
Borgore - Borgore Ina Trouble
Dr Dre - Forgot About Dre (feat Eminem)
Borgore - Ice Cream
NumberNine6 - Breathe (Remix)
Babylon System & SPL - Gangster
Wiley - Gangsters
Tes La Rok - Gangster (Remix)
Borgore - Love
Borgore Ft Jazzsteppa - Jelly bass rmx
Dumbsteppaz - Princes Gone Dub
The Bug and Warrior Queen - Poison Dart
Kromestar - Pissed Off
Crissy Criss - Fackin Ell
Bar 9 - Murda Sound
Borgore - Sick And Tired
Borgore - Guided Relaxation Dub
Borgore - Womanizer
Borgore - Saturday Night
Borgore - Mama’s Boy
Borgore - 5 Years Bjork Cover V.I.P
Borgore Ft Yael - Summertime cover

Borgore, Ice Cream Man Mixtape [Dubstep is Metal]