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Video: Douster, “King of Africa”

September 01, 2009

In our latest issue, available for free right here, we feature French by way of Buenos Aires producer Douster, whose eclectically composited club jams have been all up in our iTunes since early this year and who has a healthy obsession with both Lost and dinosaurs (who doesn't). And apparently that obsessive behavior has spread to YouTube, as his latest video for the brand new "King of Africa" edits together documentary footage of people dancing, little kids doing the Harlem Shake, George Bush, The Lion King and some chubby pre-teens to good comedy effect. Douster also put the track up on Soundcloud, and while we were there, we grabbed a couple other recent favorites, the first heavy metal xylophone remix we can recall hearing, and twitchy redo of all-time fave Busy Signal. If you're dying to get the jump on this kind of stuff, we recommend following Douster's Twitter. And ours. Why not!

Douster - King of Africa by douster

Slap And Dash ft. Spoek - Move too fast (Douster remix) by douster

Busy Signal, "Da Style Deh (Douster Dagga Remix)"

Video: Douster, “King of Africa”