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DJ/Rupture and Matt Shadetek, “Track 20 From Solar Life Raft” MP3

Photographer Jason Nocito
September 17, 2009

That's not the official title. That would be "Matty G, 'Layin in Bed,' DJ/Rupture f. Elizabeth Alexander, 'Overture: Watermelon City (Acappella), Lloop, 'Autumn Rain.'" Because a song's no good unless it has every form of punctuation worked in there. Elizabeth Alexander, now most well-known for reading a poem that a lot of people did not like at President Obama's inauguration, is the base of this track, from Rupture and Matt Shadetek's upcoming mix, Solar Life Raft, calmly reading her poem "Overture: Watermelon City" about making decent lives in Philadelphia. Shadetek and Rupture rework Rupture's original production from his collaboration with Alexander, give it some electronic pep that is not un-DJ Shadow-ish. The entire mix, in fact, is often reminiscent of Shadow's darker moments. Except for the moments filled with various global drums, the international presentations of dance music Rupture and Shadetek's Dutty Artz collective has been so wildly entranced with. They have a fair match, then, in Gang Gang Dance, whose "Bebey" they also remix for the album—a bunch of New York artists who are suckers for Middle Eastern percussion.

Download: DJ/Rupture and Matt Shadetek, Track 20 from Solar Life Raft

Download: Gang Gand Dance, "Bebey" (DJ/Rupture and Matt Shadetek Remix)

DJ/Rupture and Matt Shadetek, “Track 20 From Solar Life Raft” MP3