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Premiere: Caspa f. Dynamite MC, “The TakeOver” MP3

September 17, 2009

If you read this site regularly you know we are on a single-minded campaign to get more rappers on dubstep beats so it can be more popular in the States so its purveyors can tour here more, and also because Jay-Z on Joker would be a monster. Take for example this spooky beat from Caspa aka "The Dopest Ghost in Town": the wobble sounds that much harder with a dude rapping on it like he maybe wants to punch you in the face. Go in, Dynamite! Coincidentally, Caspa is consistently amazing (ok, maybe we're obsessed) and touring the States (he hits NYC on Wednesday, September 23 at Le Poisson Rouge). This track comes from his album Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Listening, which is heartbreakingly bonkers. North American tour dates after the jump.

Download: Caspa f. Dynamite MC, "The TakeOver"

Tour Dates:
18 Sep 2009 - Symbiosis - San Francisco, CA
19 Sep 2009 - SMOG - Los Angeles, CA
23 Sep 2009 - LPR - New York, NY
24 Sep 2009 Smart Bar Chicago
25 Sep 2009 Decibel Seattle
26 Sep 2009 - Submission - Denver, CO
29 Oct 2009 - Nashwa - Asheville, NC
30 Oct 2009 - Crown Room - Portland, OR
31 Oct 2009 - TBA - Calgary, AB
1 Nov 2009 - Wrongbar - Toronto, ON
13 Nov 2009 - Biltmore Cabaret - Vancouver, BC

Premiere: Caspa f. Dynamite MC, “The TakeOver” MP3