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On The Street: The Trashicist

September 28, 2009

Serving up asymmetry with Addams Family-meets-Apollonia whimsy, Elizabeth from The Trashicist could have walked straight off the Rad Hourani spring 2010 runway, just steps away from where we found her. A self-confessed sister of weirdness, she lists pessimism as her occupation (taxidermy and formaldehyde are apparently some of her more jolly interests). According to Elizabeth's blog, Cassie commissioned her to design some of those signature hacked-up dresses for her birthday party, which might explain the shaved hairdo and moody look she's been going for recently. Save for the Gareth Pugh fall '09 gravity-defying wedges, her outfit is entirely DIY which makes us feel a Crafternoon coming on...

From The Collection:

On The Street
Posted: September 28, 2009
On The Street: The Trashicist