Ghetto Palms 79: Jovi Rockwell / 2000Tone / Exclusives!

Photographer Alex Boerner
November 11, 2009

2000Tone rides again. My favorite uptown rebel Jovi Rockwell has been getting back to her roots (foundation chat plus rockstar attitude) on new tracks like “Killin Dem” and “Can’t Stop” from the Major Lazer project. Also, she dropped her new Psychotherapy mixtape today so it seemed like the time to unleash some 2000Tone mixes I’ve been holding back for her major label moment—the moment I’ve been waiting for ever since her Gen F back in F51. This blend contains slept on joints from her backchat catalog along with my own dreamed-up refixes of two rough tracks from her never-released album project for Epic—dubbed over the Romantics and some Angolan kuBass percussion pirated off the web, respectively.

Jovi Rockwell 2000Tone Blend
Jovi Rockwell, “La La” (Eddie STATS Tackarina refix)
Major Lazer f. Jovi Rockwell and Vegas, “Can’t Stop”
Jovi Rockwell, “Negril to Kingston City” (Josh One mix)
Jovi Rockwell, “Baby Dolly” (Eddie STATS 2000Tone refix)

Download: Ghetto Palms Jovi Rockwell 2000Tone Blend

Somewhere I also have a fence-burner of a soca track she did with Hollowpoint but I couldn’t find the 45 in time to include it here. I kept the Major Lazer track to snippet length, cause y’all already know bout that. But, if I may say so, she killt that bitch absolutely dead, possibly tying with Jahdan’s “Cash Flow” for the strongest cut on the LP. From this I conclude two things. 1) Diplo has pretty much got one thumb in anything good that’s going on in music. 2) despite the Lasers-for-arms and cartoon bash-sploitation (I can’t lie, I find that Zombie track kind of problematic myself, and I’m only a fake Jamaican) the Major has got some legs under him. Real ones.

In other 2000Tone news, my favorite township rebels BLK JKs saw an extensive interview of theirs posted on Afropop Worldwide. Click to hear them talking their alien nation science around the conference table in the SOB's office (John Junior, I see you) right before the release bashy for After Robots. This appears to be one of the first in a new web video series Afropop is launching so if you want to keep up with Baaba Maal, the Spirit Masters of Morocco and what’s happening on the bright continent generally, check em on out.

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Ghetto Palms 79: Jovi Rockwell / 2000Tone / Exclusives!