LV’s Super Good Tsugi Mix MP3

November 11, 2009

Our French is kinda bootsie so we're not gonna venture to comment on what this Tsugi post is saying other than Brit producer dude LV likes the new school of dubstep and something about Botox? Is that some kind of beat machine or are they talking about Nicole Kidman's mad eyebrows in those Chanel ads? But we definitely speak "bass" and "LV" this interpolation of wobble, heady low-end, a welcome sprinkle of UK garage and spliced-in vocals from ganja'd rappers, classic jazz dudes and reggae jammers is overlaid with an excellent record crackle. It feels perfect for right now, a murky beat swamp foretelling what will come after the apocalypse: OUTER SPACE. Tracklist after the jump.

Download: LV's Tsugi Podcast

LV's Tsugi Podcast:

Massive Music - Find My Way (Kode9 remix)

Slum Village, Q-Tip, D'Angelo - Hold Tight

Nothing Is - Tribute

Chezidek - Don't Wait Too Long

Yellowman - Lover's Corner

Sun Ra - Somebody Else's World

D'Angelo - Chicken Grease

Nothing Is - Wife/Lover

Mr. G - Who You Be

Joe Gibbs and the Professionals - 'Nevada Joe'

Dabrye - Game Over (Flying Lotus Remix)

Miles Davis - Rated X

Jerry Butler - Make It Easy On Yourself

Viktor Vaughn - Change The Beat (Rocking Time remix)

Viktor Vaughn - Change The Beat (Nothing Is Remix)

LV - Parenthesis Dub

Madvillain - Shadows of Tomorrow (Flying Lotus Remix)

Richie Spice - Earth a Run Red

Steve Spacek - Slow Baby Dubb

Fleon Secoca - Pianissimo

Fleon Secoca - Ez Az

LV, Rubi Dan, Errol Bellot - Crossfire

Solange - I Decided (D.Franklin Remix)

DJ C, Ms Thing - Jump Up And Bounce

HardHouseBanton, Stush - Sirens/We Nuh Run

D.Franklin & Untold - Beacon

Logos - Medicate (LV Remix)

DJ Wonder & Nio - Best Foot Forward

Quarta 330 - Nysl

LV - Scape

Trim - Sweetboy

Coda - Beat 23

Zomby - Rumours and Revelations

DJ Elmoe - Whea Yo Ghost At

LV - Bitter

LV & Dandelion - Turn Away (Demo)

? - Spiders

Ramadanman - Revenue (Untold remix)

Pinch & Yolanda - Get Up (LV Disco 45 mix)

Portico Quartet - Cittagazze (LV Remix)

LV - Cemetery Dub

LV’s Super Good Tsugi Mix MP3