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Don’t Sleep on LV and Josh Idehen’s Frenetic Boiler Room Set

The London production duo and poet/MC capture the pace of city life with a hectic grime-indebted set.

July 05, 2014

Last week in a sweltering room in east London, production duo LV and poet/MC/singer Josh Idehen got blood racing in anticipation of their second collaborative album with a no-holds-barred Boiler Room set. Back in 2011, they released the restless Routes LP together; the lead single was the grin-inducing "Northern Line", and the whole record paid tribute to the messy journeys and fragmented spaces that make up city life. With their new single "Imminent", Will Horrocks, Simon Williams and Idehen are back on Keysound Recordings with a cleaner, sharper grime-indebted sound. Idehen's vocals are now brash and proud up front, and the production zig zags around him less like a whirlwind and more like an angular maze. Get a taste of what's to come by streaming their set from the Keysound takeover at Boiler Room above (and while you're at it, check the Boiler Room Youtube channel for more of that night's sets from Logos, Dusk & Blackdown, E.m.m.a. and more).

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Don’t Sleep on LV and Josh Idehen’s Frenetic Boiler Room Set